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JonSchipp is President of Draconyx, Director of Security Engineering, R&D at Komand, afounding security member of Komand and Chair of OpenNSM. Heis the author of ISLET and other tools as well as a contributor to many Free and Open Source Projects including The Netsniff-NG Toolkit, SecurityOnion,and the Bro Project. With a few publications and many talks he has been fortunate enough to have audiencesat various conferences including DerbyCon, AIDE, Hack3rCon, BroCon, XSEDE, MOSSCon, and more.

Hespends his leisure time strength training, dabbling in ideas from social theory, philosophy, politicalscience, and economic thought, playing music, and is always down for a game of recreationalvolleyball.




-2016 - NCSA – HIGH5 Contributions Award

Technical Excellence Award

-2014 - NCSA – HIGH5 Technical Excellence Award

Technical Excellence Award

-2014 - NCSA – HIGH5 ISLET


-2010 - Hack3rcon – Capture the Flag Winner – Black Badge Recipient

Blackbadge Award


-2017 - USA Weightlifting L1 Sports Performance Coach (USAWL1) - PDF -2015 - Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) - PDF “LFCS-1500-0540-0100” -2014 - BSD Associate (BSDA) -2014 - GIAC Intrusion Analyst Certification (GCIA) - TIF -2014 - GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM) - PDF -2014 - Linux Professional Institute Certification Level-1 (LPIC-1) - [ “LPI000294361”, “xtceychwg9” ] -2014 - Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) -2013 - Learn to Program: The Fundamentals - CourseEra, University of Toronto PDF -2013 - Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA) - PNG -2010 - CompTIA Security+ Certification - PDF -2010 - FCC Technician Class License - KC9SKH -2009 - CompTIA Network+ Certification - PDF -2009 - CompTIA Linux+ Certification - PDF -2007 - CompTIA A+ Certification - PDF


-BSDNow - “Episode 098: Our Code is Your Code 2015-07-15” -CrossChop - “Bob Talks Shop #2 - Lord Bael’s CD Collection & T-shirts!” -Cameron Maerz - “wifu^2” -Chad Robertson - Volatility Documentation Project -Daniel Borkmann - “Linux’ packet mmap(), BPF, and the netsniff-ng toolkit”, Dev Conf, Czech Republic


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